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Outstanding Quality and Service, for over 50 years.

Preston Hollow Fence Company was created in 1960 by Thomas Rathheim. It is his enthusiasm and encouragement that led the company to grow by ensuring that no customer was ever left unsatisfied. He developed a company with a strong work ethic and communicated that on a daily basis, coupled with a strong sense of commitment to our customers. The torch has now been passed to Tommy Gilbert, Jr. and he stands by those very same principles that he promised Thomas he would continue to employ.

Tommy Gilbert Jr. began his fencing industry career in 1995 and acquired Preston Hollow Fence Company in 2003. A native of Mckinney, Texas and now residing in Richardson, Texas, Tommy exemplifies the challenges of the fencing industry by providing the customer what they need and want, and has developed a standard that out-paces the competition by providing outstanding quality service and selection.

Top Fence Contractor in Richardson